The track

Cape Brett track is a largely bush-covered track that begins at Oke Bay in Rawhiti and ends below the lighthouse at the seaward end of the Cape Brett peninsula. It crosses Te Rawhiti 3B2 Trust and Department of Conservation (DOC) land and traverses over reasonably undulating and at times steep terrain up to a maximum height of 345 metres. The track features spectacular cliff edges, beautiful native forests and expansive views of the Cavalli and Poor Knights Islands, as well as the Whangamumu headlands. It is well marked and maintained.



Time & distance:

• From Rawhiti to Cape Brett: 16.3 kms – takes 8 hours to complete at a comfortable pace.
• From Rawhiti to Deep Water Cove: 5.9km – about 5 to 6 hours
• From Deep Water Cove to Cape Brett 5 km – about 2 to 3 hours.